Starting a brewery at family farm - issues with access?

Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by jam89, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Sorry if this is a topic has been discussed in depth before, I know opening a brewery in general will have.

    I'm currently looking into starting a small scale brewery (4-6 BBL) on my family farm, ideally i'd look to convert a disused calf shed/stable but i'm considering starting up in storage containers before investing in building works etc.

    Now to my question, there's technically one entrance/drive into the farm yard. I've been told this would be an issue/a further way in and out of the yard would be required. Has anyone found this to be an issue when diversifying/adding a business to their farm?

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

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    Yes access is a bitch.
  3. Kidds

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    Presumably you have traffic coming and going from the farm already so why do you think access is going to be a problem?
    If you are making an entirely different business (with different staff etc) then maybe but just as an extra part of what you have should be OK. The comings and goings of a small brewery don't add up to a lot of traffic.
    I produce over 40k bottles a year and no issues at all re access as a result and I'm down a mile of single track lane.
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  4. jam89

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    Hi Kidds,

    Sounds like you've got a good volume of production going! Are you working within a yard/within the grounds of the farm?

    We currently have lorries in our yard so there's a concern that there may be 'too much' traffic for one entrance, the majority of back and forth with the lorries happens in the evenings mind.

    Before I pursue things further,do you or anybody else have any recommendations for who I should contact to confirm whether access will be an issue in my case?

    Many thanks,

  5. Steevo

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    If I were you I'd carry right on and do as you wish and wait until someone tells you that you've got too much traffic for the existing entrance.

    Anything else will cause hassle, delay and cost and could hamper your business plans.
  6. jam89

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    I like you're approach Steevo!

    Bit worried about potential stuff later down the line but prefer your, "that's a problem for future you" attitude
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    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 13.16.48.png
    Depending where you are located you may have permitted development rights for the change of use of a farm building under 150 sqm to certain other uses and a micro brewery is one of these and i don't think there are any stipulations to transport so you could do the permitted development and have permission for the building use and the access as well and it is a very simple process for under 150 sq m
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  8. Just do it, put a commercial rental equivalent in your business plan so that if it is a success you know it would be a viable proposition to move in the future if need be. As a start up it is a massive advantage to not actually have to pay any rent physically until into profit but ultimately it should be able to pay the rent.
  9. Stick in some lay bays along the acccess road and carry on!
  10. jam89

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    Thanks everyone, sounds positive!

    Forever fendt, where did you the section of text from? Looks like it would be worth a look through. I'll have to measure the space up, think it should be within the 'under 150sq mtr' allowance which is a relief!
  11. Forever Fendt

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    it all depends where you are ,pm if you like
  12. What traffic is there,pallet of malt once a week,maybe a couple of courier vans for hops and consumables then your own deliveries out maybe one van,three days a week.

    The biggest input is delivered via your water pipe.

    Can’t see a major traffic problem really.

    Your biggest challenge will be selling it,the brewing and logistics are the easy bit.
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