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quick fixes, bodges and creations

Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by jimmer, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. windymiller

    windymiller Member

    mid wales
    Ok, it might be a little bit better than a bodge, but it will come under the creation part, couldn't find one to buy for love nor money.
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  2. windymiller

    windymiller Member

    mid wales
    The paint job afterwards. More of a creation than a bodge, couldn't buy one anywhere.
  3. Boydvalley

    Boydvalley Member

    You've mentioned paint you'll be in trouble.

    Now it's painted perhaps try the nearly engineering thread where they appreciate something really useful and well made.(y)
  4. Near Klaipeda port in Lithuania. Fisherman transport IMG_20180211_164619.jpg
  5. windymiller

    windymiller Member

    mid wales
    Hell, didn't know there was another thread for this kind of stuff, I might have to drop by and look in.
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  6. JWL

    JWL Member

    That'll be you having a late night on t'internet then :whistle:
  7. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    for any one who has bank manager named john
  8. sawdust

    sawdust Member

    Does it come with a free jar of snake oil :sneaky:
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  9. ECA

    ECA Member

    Don't think I need to explain what we've done here
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  10. jf850

    jf850 Member

    Co laois
    I like the gate repairs , round , square , big , small bars...:rolleyes:
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  11. Pilgrimmick

    Pilgrimmick Member

    Where's the bailer twine?
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  12. Andrew

    Andrew Member

    Huntingdon, UK
    This will probably get me banned for life.........

    Hopefully I can get away with it under ‘quick fixes’

    When screwfix don’t use enough glue on the tek screw box!

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  13. AftonShepherd

    AftonShepherd Member

    Are you trying to tell me that it is actually possible to buy boxes of NEW tek screws?
  14. Pilgrimmick

    Pilgrimmick Member

    Confused here, so many reasons to fail the pic. No bailer twine, and painting screws, whatever next? I presume they are painted, mine are all rusty brown, surely no one would be daft enough to put N++ (sorry I almost swore) screws on here!
  15. I dont think ive ever seen any kind of screws in a cardboard box either. All mine are in old buckets and jam jams and powdered milk tubs i didnt know new ones came in cardboard.... how is that even strong enough to hold screws? What happens if you get caught in rhe rain bodging? The box will melt and you lose all your screws surely :scratchhead:
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  16. JWL

    JWL Member

    And that's how you end up with them ;)
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  17. J428TGS

    J428TGS Member

    Quick wee bodge to nite I got a floppy....... mudguard bracket, 2 10mm nuts an many kgs oh mug wire later now a siffy again
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  18. Definitely a bodge, that.
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  19. J428TGS

    J428TGS Member

    YES!! ive made it, thankyou sir
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  20. bigg6480

    bigg6480 Member

    I hope they were old rust nuts?

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