Proper ploughing

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by bobk, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. bobk

    bobk Member

    At least he's getting it over :D

  2. Proof that trying to do 2 jobs at once is impossible for us men.
    Shepherding and tractor driving is man overload.
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  3. Northeastfarmer

  4. If he didn’t have it in so deep and maybe stopped trying to steer out the front wheels were never straight?! It would be twice as easy for that poor tractor
  5. Lincsman

    Lincsman Member

    If you look the "check chains" are solid hence the wobbly line and steering fighting. Funny looking seagulls! and looks like the cows will also be ploughed in.
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  6. jonny

    jonny Member

    If he had a bucket on the loader he could have pushed the piles of dung out of the way
  7. DaveB

    DaveB Member

    Looks like a turn or two turns longer on the top link would help matters
  8. A1an

    A1an Member

    No gardening required
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  9. windymiller

    windymiller Member

    mid wales
    He hasn't got a cab......... must be New Zealand.
  10. Kevtherev

    Kevtherev Member

    Welshpool Powys
  11. New Puritan

    New Puritan Member

    East Sussex
    I feel a lot better about my ploughing for watching that, and he looks like more of a proper farmer than me - he's got a flat cap and cows n that.

    And knowing bugger all about cows - why are the cows so interested in the bottom of the furrow?
  12. JWL

    JWL Member

    There's an R in the month so they think they're crows and after the worms ;)
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  13. fudge me :eek:
  14. Bruce Almighty

    Heart of England
    I reckon he's a hobby farmer
  15. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    I've given up on steering when I plough. It pulls straightish anyway, eventually.
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  16. Old McDonald

    Old McDonald Member

    Inland Portugal
    I am fairly sure it is here in Portugal from the number plate. I cannot make out the country, but I do not know any other country with that style of numbers and letters. It is a European plate. It is also inland rather than near the coast because those birds are Cattle Egrets and there is no sign of any seagulls. I will go further and guess it is in the Tejo valley from the bamboo like plants - which are not bamboo.

    The egrets are exceptionally unafraid of tractors and implements and I have had them riding on a land leveller. Storks are much more wary.

    It is my style of ploughing, but it is not me.
  17. Don't the cattle look chuffed about it!
  18. Ray996

    Ray996 Member

    North Scotland
    Is this worthy of the competion ploughing thread?
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  19. Drillman

    Drillman Member

    North Yorkshire
    Ive seen worse on the ploughing thread.
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  20. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    Ok I'll admit it, it was me.
    2017-10-08 18.18.43.jpg

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