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Discussion in 'Buildings & Infrastructure' started by Lucyshrops, Feb 6, 2018.

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    East Sussex
    Sounds like you need to manage your heat a little better. Does the property have galleried rooms? Hallway with tall windows is a good example, shut the doors to that room and don’t heat it. Our hall is a massive heat loss area, four windows 18 inches wide and 10 foot tall, north facing, a loser trying to heat that but the trouble is that a loo is on the same underfloor loop and Mrs tells me it’s a bit chilly.

    Turn the thermostat valves down on rooms you don’t use too much and shut the doors, not off but down a little. If youve got a wood burner and free wood then stoke it up and control the heat with doors. We warm the downstairs up (no UFH will come on) and then open the door to the hallway and the heat goes upstairs. You can really feel the air circulation when you do as your feet get cold, and electric cigarette is handy to watch the airflow rich around the house.

    Are any rooms slightly lower than the rest? They’ll be cold UFH or not as the cold air will always settle down there. Shut doors as best you can and manage it.
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    First thing I would do is have it serviced by a qualified heating engineer. Mine is done every 18 months or so, he always puts a new jet / nozzle on it. Maybe that has some bearing?
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    East Sussex
    They clean the baffles out too which spread the heat so good idea. Although should be down already for a tenant.
  4. If its a rental property, the boiler has to be checked/serviced every 12 months by law.
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    As a guide. Have a Grant Multi Pass with Riello 36 Kw oil boiler for CH & HW. Serviced myself and fitted with a 4.5 liters / hr nozzle. Timed early morning and early evening. The location of the override button is strictly classified ..........;)
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  6. Yeah they love putting a new nozzle in and charge you £40 for it.

    They're less than a tenner from plumbase.

    I wish I'd gone into the boiler servicing job.
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    Couldn’t agree more, just had our biomass boiler serviced about an hour £200:eek:
  8. Lucky you don't have a big biomass boiler.

    The one I'm involved in costs over £7k for it's annual service!
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    All you need is a husband like me. Every time I see the Rayburn on, I switch it off and pass a nice warm coat for the oh.
  11. Charolais cattle

    Its all down to common sense... switch timmer on for 30mins before u get up in morning.. light ur stove in evening.. and put oil on for 30mins before bed.. should be loads..
  12. CPSL Group Ltd

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    That seems high. What sized Biomass do you have!?
  13. 1MW
  14. CPSL Group Ltd

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    Still seems quite high to me. Was that just for one annual service visit or does that include quarterly visits for maintenance?
  15. It's for its big annual service, it does seem steep.
    It's burning poultry litter, apparently the service involves a full strip down of all the valves and slides and gearboxes.

    We'll see.
    It's tied into a service contract on behalf of the lender, for obvious reasons.
  16. CPSL Group Ltd

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    It maybe worth the question to see whether at least a mid-year visit between each annual service could be included in this cost, just so you're not hit with bigger issues and anything starting to show signs of wear and tear can be nipped in the bud.
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    I've never understood how logically this could actually work.

    I've seen it as a "myth" in the Martin Lewis emails before, and I've always agreed with the logic that heat leaks faster from your house the warmer it is.

    Popped up again today so clicked on it again.....https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/energy-saving-myths#heatingon

    Turns out that they've found what you say is true also...!

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    Basically as it was explained to me it works because you aren’t constantly heating everything up from cold, and the fabric of the building all becomes warm. I must admit that I was surprised that it works as well as it does, but as our Farmhouse was virtually never unoccupied it did make sense for everyone’s comfort.
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    J11 M40
    Will be interesting to see how oil fired works with underfloor heating in a conversion we are doing, as above once fabric is up to 18-20 deg it should be easier to maintain than trying to warm everything from cold every day.:unsure:
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    Never move our thermostat ,heating on constant .woosburner kicks in and heating goes off ,gas bill for heating and water for year 250 quid

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