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    Owaka, New Zealand

    I know, and I'll never know enough about farms and business - but some of the crap you read and hear, makes you wonder how they survive... start out on good high payouts for milk and think it's all a box of oranges..
    Nothing is all important bar getting the basics all in a row, and maintaining a good healthy herd.
    Health costs some farms a shitload of money, and they begin to see the expenditure as a fixed cost, never questioning whether it may be the system causing it.
    You see overseas hunters, $30000 worth of camouflage and kevlar and can't keep their mouth shut.. basics are important.
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Absolute shithole now :banghead::banghead:
    My old farm is full of weeds, a vet told me they are having massive problems with mastitis, and only grows grass where they paint it on with urea...:( considering I wasnt allowed to OAD any cows til late May.... they have dry cows and on OAD now.

    Ah well, I got satisfaction there :)
    Think the guy who is there may be out at the end of the season.
  3. And we can go on "summer holidays ":sneaky::D
  4. We don't use "parlour" :eek: , we use cowshed of farm dairy:D, parlour has another completely different meaning:whistle:
  5. Summer holiday?:sneaky::whistle:
  6. Who is better , high cost, high production herd going broke or low cost , low yeild herd that pretty much makes a profit year after year, even in a bad year?:unsure:
  7. If someone has to say it, yield is irrelivant, and the idea that yields or high yields are important is about as important as quoting bra sizes, bigger ain't always better, but some how everyone has been brainwashed that to be a good farmer you have to be high production , high yield, Reality is profit is the driver, the margin between what you get paid relative to what it costs to produce that milk, now if you can do that with high yield/production, good for you ,but thats no reason to malign those who are just "average" or even , heaven forbid low production that still operate with a good profit.:)
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    canterbury NZ
    Yes a few. Mainly robot farms, fairly sure they milk all year too.
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  9. I dont think anyone would claim that yield is completely irrelevant and most of us want more milk within our own systems. I think it is safer to say that between different systems there is little connection between yield and profitability.

    In the last few years i would bet quite a lot of money on saying that herds averaging 6000 and under have done a lot better than those averaging 10000 and over.
  10. I be not a gambling person, with the odds that you have given, even I would bet a crate of beer or two!(y)
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    It seems the guys noisiest about yield being irrelevant are the ones doing the most comparisons of other farmers production. I honestly wouldn’t have a clue about any of my neighbours production.

    Profit is profit. Many ways to get it in Dairy farms. Your yield is important to you. Other farms yield isn’t important to you. Admiting that monitoring yield is important to your business doesn’t mean you are chasing high yields.

    I’ll say it again why do the kiwi system guys claim milk yield isn’t important but will happily quote the yield of grass their paddocks grow. Just another yield measure. Could it be human nature kicking in. For what a dairy cow can produce their yields are nothing special so they happily ignore that. Their grass yields are impressive so they shout that from the mountain tops. The kiwi farmers love to chest thump as much as anyone else. Just on a different unit of measure.
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  12. betweenthelines

    For the Kiwis milk output is a result the amount of grass grown not the result of grass grown + blend+ concentrates

    So, NZ, grow more grass, sell more milk. UK feed as much cake as you need to get your target yield.
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    They must use all that pke as fertilizer or something:rolleyes: maize is also as expensive as cheap blend over here.
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    Out of interest what do people's cows average when milked oad and how do you decide when to go oad by yield or a date on the calendar?
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    Comparing 2 farms (both hypothetical) one with low input low output producing say 6000 litres per cow at a profit and the other high input high output producing 12,000 litres per cow running at a loss, then yield is irrelevant. Of course there are lots of other scenarios and the high producers can also make a profit, UK farming systems are generally (or at least they used to be ) driven towards high yields by the feed companies.
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    How many times do I have to say this. Your farms yield is rellavent to you.

    Pointing out that their are different farming systems and they yield different does not make yield irrelevant. You still monitor it for your farm.
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    Stacking the deck to your bias there Haha . You know it’s not only high yield and going broke or low yield and make profit. The low yield systems are no guarantee to make a profit either. Many of the kiwi farmers went broke or moved on from here. Different climate, different challenges and opportunities, it’s not nz. Down south though. A lot more kiwi type low cost systems. Climate is much more similar.

    I’ll take the good farmer and good business man to run the farming system that suits their farm and farming area. No one size fits all way to farm.
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    Generally see about a 20-30% drop when going OAD. I go OAD a month or so before drying off, depending on weather and forage and milk in the tank. Currently doing 4l but will go dry at the end of the month. I had cows doing 20-22l OAD at the start of the year just off grass.
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  19. There are no guarantees either way , that's the joy of farming, it was a wise decision for Grandad to leave Europe as he saw no future for dairy farming over there, sheer luck he choose to go the best part of the world for dairy farming. :D
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  20. :LOL: You can generalize about Kiwi farmers all you like and yes quite a few like the sound of their own voice, but remember it's the quiet ones are the ones that you have to keep a watch out for, just because we're not saying anything, doesn't mean we don't know what we're doing.:sneaky::D
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